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Resilient is middle-size agribusiness company producing grain, oilseeds and milk on its farms located in the fertile and water-rich regions of the western & central Ukraine. It has proven to be a growing, transparent company, as well as a reliable partner and supplier.

Our business model is supported by international know how, an experienced team of professionals and prudent risk management. We focus on increasing the productivity and profitability from our existing asset base and to become a best-in-class agro company in terms of production costs per ton.

Managers of Resilient farms implement a scientifically grounded approach to crop rotation. Our farms are equipped with highly efficient modern machinery with a fleet over 150 units. Through the use of modern agricultural machinery, the application of progressive agricultural technologies, and optimum crop rotation, soil quality improves constantly and the yields of main crops increase consistently as well. Resilient was established in 2014. As of 1 January 2020, Resilent had 8,500 hectares under control.


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